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"Playing with my custom-built new clubs is a totally new experience. Distance is more than 20% longer and the precision is unbelievable.  My new clubs are simply true game-changers for me!  Finally I must also thank you for an absolutely excellent service!"

Full-Bag Fitting
$300 (4+ hour session)

Driver & Fairway Woods Fitting
$125 (2+ hour session)

Hybrids & Irons Fitting

$125 (2+ hour session)

Wedge Fitting
$80 (1 hour session)

Putter Fitting
$80 (1 hour session)


A wedge fitting is the second most important fitting (next to putter fitting).  Getting the ball closer to the pin for their best chance to 1-putt, saving par, keeps the golfer shooting low scores, more consistently.  It's about finding wedges that complement your game, to get the ball "up and down" more often.  Below is more about what we look at, and why it's so important to be fit by a knowledgeable club-fitter like those here at Southy Custom Golf.  We fit all Wedges to the following variables:

  • Loft
  • Dynamic Lie Angle

"There is no better proof than a quick look at the statistics of the European Tour and PGA Tour. The average Tour player hits 11 to 12 greens in regulation per round yet still shoots par or better. How? By getting the ball close enough to the hole with their wedges to make the putts for par to save their round."
— Tom Wishon, Tom Wishon Golf Technology

  • Grass Conditions

Do we have your attention? Great! Wedge fitting is a fun process that definitively gives you the answers as to what your optimal wedge exactly is. Next step is to schedule a fitting with our highly qualified staff.  All our fittings are pre-paid and pre-book, and there are 3 ways to book an appointment.

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  • Call us at 941-251-6922
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  • Book ONLINE, below you can find a time that fits your schedule!

  • Sand Conditions
  • Grind
  • Wedge Specifications
  • Green Design
  • Bounce

Sand Conditions

Fluffy/Deeper Sand = Wider Sole/More Bounce

More Coarse/Shallower Sand = Narrower Sole/Less Bounce

Steep Swing = Wider Sole/More Bounce

Flat Swing = Narrow Sole/Less Bounce


starts with the wedges...  

Grass Conditions

Longer/Softer Grass = Wider Sole/More Bounce

Shorter/Firmer Grass = Narrow Sole/Less Bounce

Green Design

Elevated/Multi-Tiered Greens = More Loft

Flatter/Larger Greens = Less Loft

Wedge Specifications

Loft Gaping Between 3º-6º separation

Lie Angle Dynamically adjusted - Its finding where your club is at impact, not address.  Its okay to see the toe up or down at address, because that will change at impact when swinging.  We want you to be flush at impact for best resulting shots.

Wedge Fitting Sand Conditions
Wedge Fitting Grass Conditions
Wedge Fitting Green Design
Wedge Fitting and Specifications
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