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Hi Sue & Glenn!
Just wanted you to know that we and our dear new clubs made it well back to Sweden.  I must also take the opportunity to again thank you for an excellent job with my new clubs. Playing with my custom-built new clubs is a totally new experience. Distance is more than 20% longer and the precision is unbelievable. It seems that it is now impossible to miss the goal (left or right) with more than two yards! My new clubs are simply true game-changers for me!  Finally I must also thank you for an absolutely excellent service! Your combination of professionalism and friendliness is unbeatable!!  Unfortunately it is not spring yet in Sweden, but as soon as the season starts I will keep you updated with my progress on the course. I am sure my handicap (currently 14) will be reduced a lot this year!  I definately recommend everyone to visit Southy Custom Golf! Every golfer should experience a true game-changer!
Kind regards,
Sue and Glen,
I have played several rounds with my new clubs and wanted to give you a quick update. But first, I have to say a word about the fitting. It was a great experience. I learned things about my swing and putting stroke that I never knew-after 30+ years of swinging a golf club. The approach you used to help me select the final product created not only a great technical fit for my swing, but a great deal of confidence standing over every shot. I have to admit I was skeptical when Glen talked about the benefits of frequency matching. But now, I'm a believer. Whether I swing a 5 iron or a wedge they feel the same. I've never had more confidence in my iron play. In just a few weeks my game has progressed to the point that if I hit the fairways I'm par or better.  I've gone from shooting 90+ to low 80's and an occasional 78-79. In my last three rounds I was 22 for 42 hitting fairways and I played those 22 holes 2 under (with one round on punched greens!). Deciding to get serious about my equipment and my knowledge of it has literally changed the game for me. I couldn't be happier with the service and support I've received from Southy Custom Golf.
-Joey Brannon
Hi Glen and Sue
Update on my clubs. I LOVE them. Using my irons well, which I am so happy about. When I connect in the centre of my driver I am getting 200 yards but I played yesterday with Ed and two other gentlemen and on a par four 268 yards I shot 225 and had a 40 foot chip got a birdie actually I got for the round 2 birdies and 5 pars. The more I get use to them the better I am using them. I putt on three holes between 15 to 20 feet and got them, hence the pars and birdies.

Hope all is well with you guys and I will update as the summer moves on.
Thanks for your service it is much appreciated.
-Beverly Russell
“OMG, why didn’t I do this 20 years ago!”
I first learned about Southy Custom Golf from a previous customer.  When I arrived at Southy what struck me was how friendly and laid back both Glenn and Sue were.   No high pressure, just information on what to expect, and an estimate of what the cost would be.

The first thing Glenn did was take one of my clubs, a Taylor Made 7 iron, and run some tests on it.  He found that it was way off from a reasonable properly fitted club.   Without ever seeing me take one swing, he knew what type of shots this poor fitting club might cause, and he described EXACTLY what I was experiencing.   We spent two hours hitting numerous irons and I started to experience what a club specifically designed for my swing might perform like.  It was amazing!  And I had no idea that when I got “my” clubs they would exceed that experience!

I returned for the second half of my fitting to work on my woods and putter and had another two hours of Glenn’s personal attention focused entirely on me.  Doesn’t get much better than that!  In less than 10 minutes, he made a suggestion for a putter and showed me with a laser how bad my aim was.

When I picked up the clubs Glenn had built for me, he had me swing them so he could fine-tune the lie.   Just the feeling and sound of the club hitting the ball was enough to convince me I had made the right choice, and I had not yet hit one shot outside of Southy Custom Golf’s shop.  

Then I began to play with these clubs. . . .All I can say is from the first round on  . . . .OMG, why didn’t I do this 20 years ago!  I am striking the ball consistently, I am averaging 10 – 15 yards more per club and even when I don’t hit them square my bad shots are much, much better!  With my driver I’m averaging 15-25 yards farther.  And there is more, I had previously given up on my fairway woods, but now I am hitting my 4 wood farther than I hit my old 3 wood, and the accuracy is unbelievable!  My putting  . . . I have never made so many 1 putts!  Prior to the new clubs I shot between the mid 90’s and 105.  With only 5 rounds played so far with these clubs my best is an 86  . . . Lowest ever!

In closing, all I can say is I am hooked on Southy Custom Golf!
-Bob Ruff – Lakewood Ranch
My fitting at Southy Custom Golf was very professional.  I never felt rushed and was very happy with the whole fitting experience.  Glenn was happy to answer all of my questions and I found both he and Sue to be very knowledgeable.   After nearly 5 hours of Glenn’s personal attention, in two different sessions, Glenn and I discussed his recommendations based on the fitting results.  Instead of trying to sell me a full bag of clubs, Glenn recommended that I wait to order the “rescue” type clubs until I played the irons and woods.  That way I could better determine where I may have gaps in my yardage.  He also explained that he could adjust my clubs if needed after I played them for a few rounds.

The clubs were made and ready for my pick up on time!!  A real surprise as many small businesses have a challenge with the final completion . . . not Southy Custom Golf!!  We finished my fitting with the lie adjustment.  And best of all  . . . my first two rounds produced a pair of 78’s!
I am very pleased with my entire experience at Southy.   Thank you Glenn and Sue!  Please feel free to give my name to anyone who may ask for references!
-Brian Hansen
Resident - Waterlefe Golf and Country Club
Thank you so much for all your help!  These clubs have improved my game dramatically.  I’ve had the irons for 3 weeks and I’m already shooting 15 strokes better than I was shooting with my previous set of clubs.  I’ve only had the driver and fairway wood for a few days but both are unreal!  So much better than I had before.   I am so confident when I play now.  I am enjoying the game so much more and I know there is so much more to come in terms of improving my score.  I always thought that custom clubs were for really good golfers, but I quickly found out that they are for people who want to improve their score and enjoy this beautiful game of golf.  Thank you for helping me realize that, it was such a pleasure working with you guys.
-AJ Kegg
I came to golf late, but I worked hard, studied the game.  I’ve been a pro since 1998, but I’ve always struggled with finding clubs that work for me.  At six-seven it’s hard to get clubs built right.  I’ve always had to make it work.   One visit to Southy changed that.  Glenn’s equipment is second to none, and his expertise is impressive.  I was impressed with how precise and meticulous his end product could be.  When you make an appointment, your time is your time.  He’s focused on you, on helping you make your game beter.  With Glenn, I know I’m getting the best.  I’m more excited to get out and play this year than I’ve ever been.
-Ed Sanders
I just want you to know how happy I am with the job you did on lengthening my Adams clubs.  I’m a tall guy who has played with standard clubs all my life.  It is such a pleasure to not have to bend over so much anymore.  Just standing up that little bit, what a difference it makes.   Like you said, it made a big difference in my last two rounds.  I have recommended you already to others.   Thanks.  You are a great family business that cares about the customer.  Thanks again.
-George Clemente
My clubs are perfect!  Glenn Southworth is more than just an expert tradesman, he understands the dynamics of a golf swing and can bring it to the clubs he fits you with.  I love the driver and irons that Glenn custom fit for me, but I have to say the Southy Custom Putter is where the money is.  You can spend a lifetime at Golfsmith or Edwin Watts and not find the putter that is right for you.  We all say it, but very few of us really understand that you will save more strokes with your putter than any other club in your bag.   Glenn’s own design, his Southy Custom Putter, has truly changed my game.  I will never own another putter!  My suggestion to other golfers?  At a minimum, get a Southy Custom Putter from Glenn.   It will last you a lifetime!
-John Vogeltanz, Sun City Center, Florida
As a high single digit handicap golfer I was looking for something to help me take a couple of more strokes off my handicap.  I had been fitted several times in the past by Callaway and Taylormade.  So, I hoped a very specific fitting would provide an even better result.
I was not disappointed.  The process and the fitting by Glen was very thorough and precise.  The result is a fantastic set of Muira irons.  They are so evenly balanced and a dream to hit.  The Wishon woods are great and the hybrids are perfect.
While I have played with the new set only once, I am sure all my hopes for a mid digit handicap will now be met.  Thank you so much for such an excellent set of clubs.
-Bill Sanders
I am so happy with my custom club fitting at Southy Golf! Glenn's focus and dedication to perfection is so evident in the performance of my new clubs. The fitting session was relaxed and enjoyable, but most importantly-I learned a lot about my swing. It has been just over 1 month since my fitting and I have knocked 10 strokes of my game! As somewhat of a novice, getting the fitting was the best thing I have done for my game! I cannot thank the team at Southy Golf enough!
-Kelly Barrett
You did a great job building these clubs. I love them although am still getting adjusted to the feel. These clubs are as smooth as silk and the feeling when hitting them is very soft. I would definitely highly recommend Southy Custom Golf to anyone who wants to have more fun with great equipment. Thanks again!
Here's the essential difference between the big box golf retailers and Southy Custom Golf, the club fitters I recently discovered on Lakewood Ranch Boulevard: The big box outlets want to sell you something - anything- before you can get away from them. Glen and Sue Southworth want to make you a better golfer before you leave Southy Custom Golf.
They did it for me.
-Tucker Mayer
Last November I decided that I would give my wife Patty the gift of having a custom built driver and irons made for her by Professional Master club fitter Glenn Southworth of Southy Custom Golf,located on Lakewood Ranch Blvd. in Bradenton.
During the entire fitting Mr. Southworth was professional, patient, and most informative in explaining each and every aspect of the decision process as it pertained to the selection of components and the assembling of the perfect custom built driver for my wife.
I most sincerely recommend, without qualification, the professional club building of Mr. Glenn Southworth if you wish to get the most enjoyment possible from a custom built set of golf clubs. One happy husband,
-Fred Ross
I just wanted to thank you and say WOW! After purchasing my Tom Wishon irons, my Bobby Grace putter and my new 60 degree wedge I am a true believer in custom fitting and custom built clubs!
I took them out to Legends golf course the first day I had them. On the first hole I had a 155 yard approach shot to the green, I stuck it 1 foot from the pin with my 7-iron and tapped it in for par. I shot par on the next 4 holes then a bogey. I ended up shooting 79 and I had never shot better than 95 before!
To say the least, I am a believer and truly thankful that when I'm standing over the ball I feel totally confident that I'm going to make the shots. The ball is right at the target which has just been incredible. Since that first round I have played several other courses and haven't shot over 90 once. My game has improved dramatically and I'm just having so much more fun playing the game of golf. I just wanted to thank you for that.
-Ron Goldin
After spending time working on Flightscope, Glenn discovered that my daughter's swing speed did not match her present shafts. He matched her with shafts that were slightly firmer, as well as, a bit heavier. She immediately picked up 10 yards on her drives, and her irons have a more consistent pattern.
-Tim Morrissey
I remember the 1st time I entered Southy Custom Golf I'd received a gracious welcome and a warm smile from both Mr. & Mrs. Southy (Glenn & Sue Southworth). The reason for my visit was to discuss with them their participation in a Charity Golf Tournament for which I was the Tournament Director (Habitat for Humanity's 2014 Charity Tournament to Support their Veteran Home Build & Repair Program), they were happy to participate both with a Gold Sponsorship as well as the donation of one of my major prizes (a Custom Designed Putter for the winner of the putting contest). In my opinion, Glenn & Sue are not only Professional, Knowledgeable business owners but also community orientated individuals. Even though I've been in their Shop many, many times I still receive that warm smile and gracious greeting (something you never receive at those big box golf stores).
If you want to improve your score, I would highly recommend that a trip to Southy's will help you achieve just that once Glenn works with you to develop the club or clubs needed to improve. Speaking from experience, Glenn takes the time and has the knowledge to develop the club or clubs to fit "your" swing and improve your scores (opposed to the big box golf stores that want to change your swing to fit what on their rack). In working with Glenn to develop my clubs I found him to be Patient, Professional, Knowledgeable and Accommodating. I am extremely satisfied with my results. Southy's is a place to not only improve your score but a place to meet really good people that makes you feel welcome on every visit, just a couple of weeks ago I stopped in (out of the blue) with a friend that was having some putting issues and even through busy, Glenn took the time to work with my friend on his putter & putting. Glenn made some adjustments to his putter & putting alignment, changed his grip and completely satisfied my friend with his knowledge and service, who now tells me that he’s reduced his putting strokes between 5 to 8 per round.
-Syd Sawyer 2014 Tournament Director - Habitat for Humanity Charity Tournament
Since I've moved to Bradenton Fl. I've been looking for a knowledgeable golf club maker. I found one not far from where I live at Southy Custom Golf at St. Rd 64 and Lakewood ranch road. Glen has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to club building, including lofts and lies adjustments, spine alinement's of golf shafts,frequency matching of you irons, putter fitting, grips. Glen also has name brand equipment with different shafts for you to try out. He has a large putting green for you to try out different putters as well as a hitting bay with computer analysis.
So if your having trouble hitting any of your golf clubs, go see Glen, I wouldn't go anywhere else.
-John Roberts, 10 handicap
Hi Sue,
Just a little feedback. The shaft is perfect!  Killing the ball again. Accurate and well over 300yds all weekend long. Thanks to Southy custom golf!
-Kerry Sigety
As I play many tournaments, my putter has to be lethal! Winning many tournaments means that I have to rely on
the right settings, and mr. Southworth helped me fit my putter in such way that I need less puts. The customization
of my putter was a nice touch and I couldn't be happier with the result!
-Matthew De Heus, 2.4 handicap
You need to check out Southy Custom Golf - I did.  Glenn and Sue Southworth and Southy Custom Golf are top
notch in my book.  Glenn is a master club craftsman and a great teacher.  I went in for a putter fitting to determine
the proper lie and putter fit for my stroke.  Glenn is extremely knowledgeable and takes the time necessary to get
the proper fit.  I was pleased with the fitting and very pleased with the results.  My natural aim line was off-center
and within minutes, Glenn had me seeing and putting down the proper line.  That type of feed-back gives me
confidence now in my stroke and I can see the difference on the course.  Look them up online and drive over to
their shop. Your game will reap the rewards.
-Sincerely, Bruce Reynolds
Both Sue and Glenn are great people to work with.  
The few times we needed help with our clubs their recommendations and service were excellent!
-Patrick (Pat) Cline
Dear Glenn & Sue
I just wanted to thank you for a fantastic experience in getting my new clubs fitted with you. It was a really great experience. Apart from getting great fitting clubs, I also understood a lot more about my swing and how to make it more consistent. Since starting to use my new clubs, I have been hitting the ball far more consistently and the spread in my yardage has become far more reliable. More importantly, my handicap has already come down with two successive cuts. If anyone is thinking of getting new clubs, they should definitely come to you and not waste time and money with the usual providers. I can’t thank you enough for your dedication and expertise
Best wishes and happy golfing!
-Mike Gibson
Glen and Sue, I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the Wishon irons I purchased at your store. I feel that I now get more accuracy and a higher trajectory. That is exactly what I was looking for. My old irons came off to low and wouldn't hold the greens well at all. I even picked up about four to eight yards per iron. Thanks Glen for spending those hours with me trying all the combinations of iron heads and shafts until we got the right one. I recommend anyone looking to improve their game ,to look into having a set built by Glen. Thanks
-Bob Bystricky

Just a quick note to say thanks for a great job of re-shafting and re-gripping of my Titleist 714 AP1 irons.  I have been hitting my irons more square ever since you performed this service.  Keep up the great work. It is always a pleasure coming into your shop and very informative.



Glen – just wanted to say thank you for tanking so much time with me yesterday – the four hours went to almost 6 and your patience was great – I must have been a tough fit – I enjoyed every minute of it and learned a lot about the golf ball and the swing -

Pricing – broke the $ down per club you v a retail outlet and found it interesting
Retail Southy Golf ( Dennis )

Driver $350 – $500 $422
Irons $800- $900 $ 924
4 wood $250-$300 $ 296
Hybrid $200-$300 $250

Based on these figures it is a NO BRAINER where to go – why buy a “ not sure if it fits “ club when you can get fitted for the same price ( plus the well worth it fitting $ ) – I think golfers are afraid ( $ ) of the term custom fitting and don’t know how they can benefit so they go to Golfsmith -


I just go home from my fitting session with Glenn. I must say it was a truly marvelous experience. He spent a lot of time with me to make sure we got the right shaft and club to fit my swing.. Additionally, he (and a pleasant young person) spent time explaining all the technical things (I don't know why more people don't do this....they worry about all the technical aspects of their IPhone, Ipads, etc., how come they don't show the same concern for their golf equipment?). Anyway, it was a great experience and broadened my knowledge. It unleashed my inner golf geek side. I never felt pressured to buy anything nor was I pushed toward any particular product.

Oddly, I didn't feel like a customer....I felt more like a kindred spirit with golf being the common bond.
Anyway, I wanted to thank you for your time and patience.

It has been a pleasure. I know I'll be back a some later date (hopefully to get Miura's) and I also know I'll be telling my golfing buddies about your wonderful service. Thank you so much.

-Scott T.

SUBJECT: My NEW Tom Wishon Golf Sterling™ Single-Length Iron Set

After 10yrs and about 40,000 dollars, I have proof you can buy this game. If Tom WIshon had done this 10 years ago I could go buy a new car to put my new sterling irons in. Christmas in May!

-Jonnie W.

If you are serious about getting fitted for golf clubs then Southy's Custom Golf is the place to go. During my phone inquiry, Sue did a great job in explaining the fitting process. Once I arrived at their location in Lakewood Ranch, Glenn took over. You receive Glenn's undivided attention during the fitting. I learned about swing weight, club head speed, ball speed and spin rate. Glenn took my previously (fitted Ping irons) from a D6 swing weight to my new custom irons at a D2 swing weight. Glenn choose many combinations of shafts and club heads to narrow it down. My new irons have twice the spin rate causing the ball to stop quickly on the greens. Conversely, my Taylormade driver had twice the spin rate of my new custom driver. The result is that I have picked up 20 yards with less dispersion for longer and more accurate drives.

I am happier, more confident, more accurate and longer with my golf game. The lower scores are pretty cool too! I strongly recommend Southy's Custom Golf. You will not be disappointed.


Rotonda West, FL

Thanks Glenn,

My last 3 rounds have been 80,80 and a career best 74 today!



I just wanted you all to know how thrilled I am with my new clubs. I have been meaning to let you know sooner - I apologize for that.

They have really allowed my game to blossom. Now that doesn't make me a great golfer (yet) but I have so much confidence in all seven of my clubs. So I know it is me if I hit a bad shot.

I golfed nine holes today and golfed a 47. I got in and out of the sand and I feel like a golfer.
The biggest difference for me is the driver- I hit that thing straight and 150-165 yds which changes the iron game around completely. I am using my pitching wedge a whole lot more than I ever thought I would.

Anyway, just wanted you to know that I really appreciated the service and patience in the fitting of the clubs and that I am really enjoying golf- which is the point I guess.

Thank you so much,

-Tracy C.
Esplanade Golf & CC

Hello Glenn,

You fitted me to a set of KZG XCB irons (6-AW) back in May just before I headed to Connecticut for the summer. I left Bradenton playing to a handicap of 10.

Been playing golf twice-a-week since early June ... scoring in the low 80s. However, my last two rounds score out at 75 & 76!

I have been hitting the higher lofted scoring clubs (8, 9, PW, AW) great, but it has taken a wee bit longer to get comfortable with the 6 and 7 irons. I have found that I strike these two mid-loft clubs better if I choke down the grip an inch or so.

Will stop by the shop to chat when I return to Bradenton in early October. May be time for a driver fitting.

Thanks for helping my game!

-Rick G.

Good Morning Glenn,

I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the information you provided yesterday. With enough practice and use of the alignment sticks, I think I can retrain my brain to draw the putter straight back instead of outside/in. What your computer analysis showed me was a real eye opener. No wonder I was missing so many makable putts! And now the you cut the putter down to fit me better, I think I’m on my way to making more putts and lowering my average score.

Many Thanks,


Hello Glenn

I just want to let you know that I am still saying to my wife every time I come home from golf that I love my new clubs. I should have got custom clubs a long time ago. I feel very confident when Im ready to strike the ball and if it doesn't turn out as good as what I wanted I know it isn't the club. The latest addition was a putter. Going through the putter fitting was a lot of fun and educational. It didn't take long to find the right putter and then with one small piece of advice I was draining them pretty much one after the other. I used it for the first time at Stoneybrook last week and I got positive comments about the putting from the others I was with. I mentioned the putter was new and one of the guys asked where I got it, and I was only too happy to give him your name.

My new set is complete now and I am definitely a satisfied customer, and I will recommend you to anyone I know that is looking to get any of your products and services.



The fitting experience that Glenn offers is something every serious golfer owes him (or her) self. I have been through the fitting process offered by Ping and Callaway and they were good and worthwhile, but nothing like the fitting that Glenn offers! The combination of technology and Glenn’s wise counsel can’t be beat. I would pay just to come in and talk golf with him. I have ordered custom clubs and can’t wait to try them out on the course.


-Bob Addleton

Bradenton, FL

Hdcp 8

Dear Glenn,
I was like a kid on Christmas Eve when I left your store Tuesday. I had just spent more money on a putter than anything else short of my driver. You were so generous with your time and expertise while I was there. I never once felt rushed or that I didn't have your total focus on my concerns. You were knowledgeable and able to break down some of the parts of the putting stroke and what was happening with my old putter, so that it was easily understood and just what direction we needed to go.  I had to temper my excitement since we were putting between two alignment rods, but I sensed a real difference. Would this actually translate like I hoped on the golf course? The next morning couldn't get here fast enough.  Wow! Right out of the gate! Almost holed my first put and just left a tap in to finish. Second hole, forty footer to within 5ft.(normally that would be a knee knocker for me), and I put it right in the back of the hole. Third hole, holed a fifteen footer to save bogey. By this time I was just giddy!

Honestly I think I three putted only about 3 times all day and some of those finished withing a roll or two of the hole.
The investment I made with you and my Bobby Grace putter will go down as some of the best money I have ever spent looking for a return. Can't wait to get out again next week. I will recommend you highly to anyone I come across who needs assistance with their equipment. I suspect I will be back in the near future to talk about my driver. Again, thank you so much.

Yours truly,

-Norman Hall

Hi Glenn,


Practiced with the clubs on Friday, felt and saw a noticeable improvement in woods and irons, some increased distance but much more great contact and ball flight. Played Sunday morning, outdrove my buddy on EVERY hole on the front nine. Coincidentally, his back started hurting on the eighth hole, and when I hit my drive on 9, with a slight draw, around and past the lake on the left, and then he sent his tee ball to a watery grave, his back prohibited him from playing the back nine. I was already 3 up on him. Hope his back gets better soon!!


I could not be more pleased!!!    I am hitting the irons the way I did 25 years ago, and I was killing the driver and the 5 wood. Next time I’m down, I’m bringing the Hogan irons in to make sure they are still 2 degrees flat, and maybe we’ll do a new driver from scratch for down there. Thank you, thank you, thank you for bringing my golf game back!!!




-Jeff Linsker

Wichita, KS

I first heard of Southy Custom Golf from an article in Golf Digest listing Southy as a top 100 fitter. I investigated the qualifications it takes to get on the list. It was a combination of criteria that made me trust I would get my monies worth.

I would like to fully recommend Southy Custom Golf for a fitting and purchasing your next club purchase. I am a 9 handicap player and have been fitted at demo days at my club and once at a local golf shop. Nothing compares to what Glenn did for me at Southy. Glenn took a sophisticated technical approach and a knowledgable personal look into my swing and we came up with an iron set combination that has immensely improved my game.

I now hit my irons as long as I ever did even 20 years ago and with a much higher trajectory. Father distance and softer landings on the green have gotten me closer to the pin and put more pars and birdies in my score. Of course it didn't change my swing and I mess up often, but as for the clubs Glenn put me on and ordered for me I couldn't ask for better. He even recommended a ball that I now use and trust more than my former go to ball.

For the love of golf,

Miramar Beach, Florida

Good morning Sue and Glenn,

I wanted to let you know that the time and money I spent to get my dream irons was worth every cent. After hitting numerous iron heads and shaft combinations, all numbers pointed me to the Miura p9005g heads combined with Accra graphite shafts. Being 65 years young, I was reluctant to give up steel shafts because that’s what I’ve always hit. Glenn led me towards the correct one for my swing, and it worked beautifully. If anyone has hesitations about the cost and effectiveness of a club fitting at Southy, put them aside. Over the years I’ve purchased more than my share of clubs,(just ask my wife) and all came from big box stores. You hit a few balls for them, and in a few minutes you’re out the door with your purchase. They come nowhere near the time and effort that you receive from Sue and Glenn. I also purchased a Rouge driver and a Bobby Grace face balanced putter to go along with my new irons, and received the same attention to detail.

If anyone wants to hit play more consistently, call Southy, you won’t regret it.

Thanks again to You both.

-Mike A.

I would like to let anybody know that is thinking about getting a fitting at Southy, to stop thinking get it done. The information about your own golf swing that you will receive from Glenn is priceless. He is the most patient and informative person that I have talked to about golf equipment. He will get your dispersion better no doubt. Stop thinking about it and get it done.

Thank you Glenn.

-David R.

Glenn is an excellent fitter.  Whenever we are in the Bradenton area and have any golf equipment needs we go to Southy Golf.  The service is always outstanding.  Hard to beat!

- Roland M.

San Francisco, CA

I had a full set of clubs made by Glenn.  It was the best thing I've ever done for my golf game.  He was attentive and informative.  LOVE my Miura irons.  His attention to detail was first class.  His process and logic for fitting you is first class.  Well worth the time and money.  I have lowered my index 5 FULL strokes since I had them made!!!!  And that is what it is all about!!!  Thanks Glenn!!!

- Gary B.

Bradenton, FL

I had a fitting for a new set of irons at Southy Custom Golf last month (Oct. '18).  I called ahead for an appointment to assure Glenn would set up a time slot for me.  When I arrived Glenn asked about my game and what I was looking for in new clubs.  He started me off hitting my present set of irons to get a baseline of my present swing speed, ball speed and ball trajectory, swing plane, etc.  From there he had me hit several club heads, different shafts to fit my swing data and he recorded each new club configuration.  I ended up with a head and shaft combo that increased my ball speed by 8 mph.  Glenn adjusted the lie and launch angles in fine tuning the irons to my swing.  He spend over two hours with me until we had the exact specs for my irons fit to my swing.  I have been playing with the new set for two weeks and could not be happier with them.  I had Glenn make a driver for the last year and it too has worked out great.  I think Glenn's metal work background, state of the art golf monitors and general golf equipment knowledge combines to make him a truly outstanding club fitter.

- Bill G.

Montgomery, AL

I have been using Glenn and Sue at Southy for all kinds of golf club repairs and tinkering since I got here a couple years ago.  They are expert in the areas of fitting and repair and have all of the necessary top end equipment in thier shop.  They listen to what the customer wants and provid their services with pride in their work making sure you are happy.  I highly recommend them for fittings and other repairs including grips, loft and lie, shafting and swing weighting.

- Arthur C.

Lakewood Ranch, FL

Southy Custom golf offers the highest customer service and suits all of your golfing needs.  There is no other custom club shop around.  Glenn pays extreme attention to detail and builds the clubs himself.  Several tour players and collegiate golfer utilize Southy custom golf.  Whether you need a club fitting, swing weight/lie adjustments, or a new putter this is the place to go.  This services offered at this shop are not accessible at your average golf store.  I played division 1 golf and just turned pro.  After my experience at Southy Custom golf I will not trust anyone else with my equipment.

- Erica S.

Orlando, FL

I just spent the best 2 days getting fitted for new clubs.  Last year I went to a retail golf center and the sales person asked a couple questions and then recommended a set that he thought would work for me.  Yesterday and today Glenn worked with me to find the clubs that were best for me.  We tried a number of different clubs with a variety of settings until he found the club and setting that improved my swing and club speed.  Not only did I get a set that will improve my game but he gave me a number of different hints that will my thinking of the game.  Glenn is fantastic and if you want help with your game you have got to have him help you improve.

- Steve L

My wife & I both went through club fitting with Glenn and the information & feedback was unbelievable.  Anyone interested in improving their game owes it to themselves to contact Glenn and go through the process.  He and his diagnostics can help from beginner to the most experienced golfer.  AWESOME experience!

- Mike C.

I would highly recommend Southy Custom Golf to anyone wanting to elevate their game!  I have been fitted before but Glenn guided us through the process of golfing with the proper equipment.  It was informative and fun!

- James J.

I tried to "self-diagnose" the equipment that was best for me for quite a while.  Two trips to see Glen at Southy Custom Golf and I have the driver/3w and irons perfect for me!  Spend the money and get fitted by Glen!  You will not regret it!  Extremely happy with the results!

- Chuck H.

Recently went for a fitting for irons.  Glenn was excellent, very knowledgeable and friendly.  Took his time and no pressure to buy anything.  I recently picked up my new clubs and love them.  If you are looking for a quality fitting experience, check this place out.

- T S

If you have always wondered about your ball striking and how your swing effects the golf ball, spend the $125 to talk with Glen for 2 hours.  He is passionate, thorough, concise, and no BS. 

- Mike D.

Glenn is a Top 100 club fitter for a reason.  I went in for a putter fitting, fully expecting to spend $400 on a new putter.  Instead the TOMI putting alalysis showed I was leaving the face open at impact which explained my consistent right miss.  Glenn gave me a quick lesson and I started rolling them in.  $80 for the fitting, $25 for a new grip on my old gamer and I'm now rolling them in with confidence from all over the greens.  Thanks Glenn, you have gained a loyal customer.

- Adam L.

My experience was outstanding!  I would recommend this process and Glenn to anyone looking to get custom build clubs.  We totally rebuild my bag except my putter  I LOVE my Miura irons.  Never would have found or bought them without his fitting.  No need to look any further for a fitter.  Call Southy.  You won't regret it!!!

- Gary B.

After many years of buying clubs from big box stores, I decided to search out who could not only fit me with clubs, but also build a quality set of irons.  After a full bag session lasting two days, it was evident that what I had been hitting, was not matching up to my numbers that Glenn was showing me.  I tried numerous iron heads and shaft combinations, and narrowed the choices.  The end result was a set of Miura p9005g irons, with Accra graphite shafts, which are an absolute joy to hit.  Just ask Glenn.  If you're a golfer looking to really improve your game, and are hesitant about the cost or effectiveness of the process, put it aside.  I also was fitted for a Rogue 9º driver, and a Bobby Grace face balanced putter, and received the same attention to detail.  Sue and Glenn were great throughout the whole process of the fitting, ordering, and delivery.  You owe it to yourself to beek an appointment to reach your potential.

- Mike A

Gulfort, FL

I took my 15 year old son for a fitting with Glenn.  I learned more about golf clubs in that session than I ever thought possible.  Glenn did a great job and is a patient and seasoned professional.  I was most impressed with the putter fitting as I never realized how important it is to your game.  I have no doubt my son will have the best set suited to his game.  I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to any level of golfer to have a session with Glenn at Southy Golf.  You won't regret it!

- Patrick G.