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"Playing with my custom-built new clubs is a totally new experience. Distance is more than 20% longer and the precision is unbelievable.  My new clubs are simply true game-changers for me!  Finally I must also thank you for an absolutely excellent service!"

Full-Bag Fitting
$300 (4+ hour session)

Driver & Fairway Woods Fitting
$125 (2+ hour session)

Hybrids & Irons Fitting

$125 (2+ hour session)

Wedge Fitting
$80 (1 hour session)

Putter Fitting
$80 (1 hour session)


Putter fitting is the most important club to be fit, and always overlooked.  You've heard of every other club being fit, but didn't think twice about the putter.  If you have more than 30 putts in a round of 18-holes, then you definitely need to consider a putter fitting.  The putter is the quickest way to take strokes off your game.  Once you find your optimal putter that matches your stroke and tendancies, you don't have to worry about it again.  Putters can be the most expensive club in the entire bag, and there is a reason for that!  No golfer needs a "Tour" putter (although they are pretty nice to look at), but having a finely made putter can help you putt better.  Below is more about what we look at, and why it's so important to be fit by a knowledgeable club-fitter like those here at Southy Custom Golf.  We fit all Hybrids and Irons to the following variables:

  • Length

"The art of putting is about controlling distance and direction. The science of putter design is about increasing your ability to master those two factors."
— Bobby Grace, Bobby Grace Putters

  • Toe Flow

Do we have your attention? Great! Putter fitting is a fun process that definitively gives you the answers as to what your optimal putter exactly is. Next step is to schedule a fitting with our highly qualified staff. All our fittings are pre-paid and pre-book, and there are 3 ways to book an appointment.

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  • Grip Size
  • Style
  • Head Weight
  • Lie
  • Counter-Balancing
  • Loft
Southy Golf Putter Fitting via TOMI Putting Lab


Finding where a golfer arms naturally hang, allowing proper space between their grip and body.  Most putters "off the rack" are sold at 35" length, they expect the golfer to cut them down to their preferred length.  Its like buying a suit and not getting it tailored.  You can wear it, but it just doesn fit right.


The goal is to stroke the ball at impact with the putter flush with the ground.  If the toe digs into the green, you'll have a tendency to miss right.  Vise verse, if the toe is up in the air you'll have a tendency to miss left of the hole.  The sweet spot on the putter becomes larger and easier to hit if the putter lies flat on the ground.


The optimal loft at impact with a putter varies from 2º to 4º of loft for a true roll (depending on the stimp speed of greens you play).  Using a TOMI putting lab, we can measure the dynamic loft at impact to get your ball rolling true to its line.

Grip Size

Finding a grip that allows the golfer to keep a loose pressure on the club is best.  Squeezing the club to tight can cause over-manipulation of the putter, not allowing the club to work as a pendulum for consistent performance.  Too big of a grip can cause golfers to lose their distance control, but to small can make a golfer feel "yipe" with their wrists.  We'll Help you find that perfect equilibrium between the two.

Style - Blade vs. Mallet

You need to like what the putter looks like.  If you don't like the larger mallet style putters, you'll never be successful with it.  This is a personal preference.  It's just that simple.  Provided that all the other variables are considered, you alone know what you like to look at.

Toe Flow

Toe Flow is how a putter is balanced in head design.  If you lay a putter down on a table top, with the putter-head hanging freely over the edge, you'll notice how the putter toe will balance/hang to a specific degree.  Face-balanced putters (best for "straight-back-straight-through" putting strokes) the putter face will balance straight up to the sky (12:00 if compared to a clock).  Now, the opposite end of the spectrum, a golfer with a large arc in their putting stroke (Like Phil Mickelson) the putter will balance with the face pointing to 3:00.  The toe of this putter hangs straight down to the ground.  Then there are putters that are in between.  Long story short, matching the Toe Flow of a putter to your stroke will allow the golfer to be more consistent putting the ball, and putting the ball on the line for often.  It's about finding a putter that works with your stroke.

Head Weight

Putters can vary in weight from 350g to 375g to 400g.  A general rule is, quicker the green, the heavier putter you want.  Thought process being you're taking a shorter stroke, and can keep your stroke short and sweet.  The opposite being if you are on a slow green, you need a lighter putter, thus needing to hit the ball harder to get the ball to the hole, you'll need to take a larger and more aggressive stroke.  Don't worry, we'll help you determine your best putter weight in the fitting.

Counter Balancing

Not everyone will benefit from counter balancing a putter.  The theory is putting weight in the handle of the putter (and not adding weight to the head) can help quiet the golfers hands, thus being able to repeat a smoother stroke more often.  This is a simple addition to any putter that can make a golfer better instantly.  It's almost like magic.