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"Playing with my custom-built new clubs is a totally new experience. Distance is more than 20% longer and the precision is unbelievable.  My new clubs are simply true game-changers for me!  Finally I must also thank you for an absolutely excellent service!"

Full-Bag Fitting
$300 (4+ hour session)

Driver & Fairway Woods Fitting
$125 (2+ hour session)

Hybrids & Irons Fitting

$125 (2+ hour session)

Wedge Fitting
$80 (1 hour session)

Putter Fitting
$80 (1 hour session)

An Iron Fitting is truely about minimizing your mis-hits, and when a mis-hit occures its a better mis-hit...  Using FlightScope X2 Launch Monitor Technology, Southy Custom Golf can determine your best length, lie, flex (and more) for a player.  We then can build a frequency matched set of irons/hybrids which will allow the player to more easily repeat the same good swing.  An adjustment in lie will allow the player to hit the ball closer to the target. Length adjustments will allow the player to repeatedly hit the ball closer to the center of gravity on the clubface.  Below is more about what we look at, and why it's so important to be fit by a knowledgable club-fitter like those here at Southy Custom Golf.  We fit all Hybrids and Irons to the following variables: 

  • Length
  • Total Weight & Swing Weight

"the proper custom Iron fitting analysis can make a big difference for golfers and can bring about more greens hit in regulation as well as a lower score."
— Tom Wishon, Tom Wishon Golf Technology

  • Shaft

Do we have your attention? Great! Hybrid & Iron Set fitting is a fun process that definitively gives you the answers as to what your optimal iron set exactly is. Next step is to schedule a Hybrid & Iron fitting with our highly qualified staff. All our fittings are pre-paid and pre-book, and there are 3 ways to book an appointment.

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  • Club-head
  • Frequency & MOI Matching
  • Lie Angle

 and be closer to the pin!

  • Flex
  • Grip Size


The club-head is more determined based on the game you want to play.  Every company (Titleist, Ping, Mizuno, etc...) offer about few different style heads.  They cover the entire spectrum of a players game, and how the golfer approachs the golf course.  A small blade iron head has a small sweet spot, however is very workable.  Meant for players who are very artsy with thier shots, wanting to bend high and low shots around corners or tree's, always playing for a birdy.  Then there is the opposite end of the spectrum, an iron head that just wants to put the ball in the air and straight.  These are more difficult to shape shots, produce fades or draws because it just sees every impact of the ball as a mis-hit, and wants to correct the flight for the golfer to be straight.  Lastly, it is about the looks of the club-head as well..  We dont want to fit you into a club that you dont like looking down at address.  There is an ego involved when finding a club you hit best.. If you think it looks like a shovel, or it looks too small, you won't hit it well either.  The fitting will find that perfect balance of what you like to look at, and what you'll also play best with.

Shaft Model, Flex, and Weight:

Shaft is without and doubt the single most important part of the club. If you, the golfer is the engine of the swing, then the shaft is the transmission. Every shaft has its weight, flex, and bend profile. Flex can differ from shaft manufacturer to shaft manufacturer. A KBS S-flex shaft can be equal to Project X R-flex shaft. There is no standard in the shaft industry, therefore from company to company, they all just call it what they want. This is where buying a club can get confusing for a lot of golfers.  Because there is no standardization in flex in the shaft industry, "S-flex" can mean anything! Also, the shaft bend profile is something that most golfers just don't even know about. Bend Profile refers to how that shaft bends and where that shaft bends. If you've ever swung two shafts, shaft "A" and shaft "B", and both are S-flex shafts, you like the "feel" of shaft "A" better. It may be because its bend profile matches your swing characteristics. Do you have a late wrist release? Do you have an early wrist release? Steep angle of attack?  Shallow angle of attack?  Shaft bend profiles are designed specifically for the golfer’s swing characteristics. This is what changes from shaft model to shaft model. Where the shaft bends, how much the shaft bends, the weight of the shaft can all be tailored to the golfer. The shaft is what makes you successful or not successful with a club. By far, knowing the best shaft and flex for a golfer can be the most confusing element of all. Luckily at Southy Custom Golf, we are here to help with the use of the FlightScope Launch Monitor, we are here to determine exactly what shaft is for you, optimizing your performance.


Length adjustments will allow the player to repeatedly hit the ball closer to the center of gravity on the clubface.  It also allows the golfer to be comfortable over the ball at address and during the swing.  Southy Custom Golf does not do a "wrist to floor" measurment...  Altho this is how Ping conducts their online fittings with a basic length chart, it is not accurate to the golfers specific needs.  The "wrist to floor" measurement is a static fitting tool, what really needs to be measured is the "Dynamic" fitting.  Meaning, where you are at impact during your swing (dynamically) not where you are at address.  Some golfers stand up straighter when they swing, some golfers dip down lower.  It can be for a variety of reasons, perhaps a medical condition prevents the golfer from rotating, which is no fault to them..  Everyone is a "snow flake", completely unique to the next golfer and swing.  You are who you are, lets build a club that matches you and your swing!

Lie Angle:

Lie Angle is a must for every golfer!  Again, speaking dynamically, every iron set needs to be adjusted to ensure the center of the sole is the point of contact with the ground.  The iron must be going thru the ball at impact being flush with the ground.  Not with the toe up, not with the toe digging into the ground.  No fault to you, this is where the equipment made you miss left or right.. Nothing you did in the swing, just the equipment not being tailored to you.  This one spec alone could be a major factor as to why your not hitting greens in regulation.  

Grip Size:

Do you have authritis?  Ever break a finger that doesnt let you hold the club the way you should?  Maybe you have really big hands, or small hands?  You must have read a hundred tips that show you how to hold and grip a club, even the pressure.  You can't do what you need unless the grip size fits your hands to pull off those tips.  Its a simple process, but often over-looked.  If the grip is too small, you may be over-squeezing the club, therefore over manipulating the club which causes you to miss left more often.. Or the grip is too big for you, therefore blocking your hands to release the club the way you need, therefore missing right more often.  Grip size is important to making you more accurate, more often.

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