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Empowering golfers to be informed, and succeed!

"My game has improved dramatically and I'm just having so much more fun playing the game of golf. I just wanted to thank you for that."
—Ron G.

Full-Bag Fitting
$300 (4+ hour session)

Driver & Fairway Woods Fitting
$125 (2+ hour session)

Wedge Fitting
$80 (1 hour session)

Below are video's from our friend Tom Wishon, a leading personality in our profession to help answer the most frequently asked questions.. 

-What Does Custom Fitting Actually Do For Golfers?
-Custom Fit Golf Clubs vs. Standard Off The Rack
-The Facts Of Life About The Golf Equipment Industry
-The Basic Elements of Professional Shaft Fitting

"If you want to improve, the evidence is clear: A fitting can help you unlock your potential. The technology of clubfitting is golf's great new frontier for improvement—whether it's a driver fitting on a launch monitor, or a putter fitting with high-speed cameras. In some cases, it can even improve your overall experience."  
— Golf Digest

Hybrids & Irons Fitting
$125 (2+ hour session)

Southy Custom Golf Clubfitting

Putter Fitting
$80 (1 hour session)

Why Custom Club-Fitting?

The comment we hear the most is "I'm not a pro, I'm not good enough to be fit."  Wrong!  We love fitting mid to high handicapers just as much as we love fitting scratch golfers.  The mid-high handicapers acutally benifit the most from a club-fitting.  Everyone swings the club differently, and everyone has their own tendancies.  The fact is, you're making the same "swing move" consistently, and you are a better golfer than you think.  No golf professional teacher will teach you how to swing like Jim Furyk (what a unique, weird swing) yet he is a winning golf tour professional and has career earnings over $65 million on tour!  Same goes with Bubba Watson, no teacher will try to teach the swing he has, yet again, he's won over $33 million on tour!  The fact is, to play to your best ability, you need equipment that works with your swing, and not against it.  If we do our job right, your only buying equipment once.  No longer will you have to chase new clubs every year, spending hundreds of dollars for the hope that a club might help you.  We want you to feel confident with every club in your bag.

You can read about each segment of the bag Southy Custom Golf can fit for any golfer.  Men, women, juniors, seniors, tall, short and everyone in between.  Start exploring what Southy can do for you, and please feel free to call, email, or visit the shop for more information about our club-fitting.  Also below, watch the video's below which help us explain why a club-fitting is something every golfer should consider. 

and not against it.

Our custom club fitting with our professionals analyze 9 different fitting variables defined by a golfers personal golf swing via FlightScope X2 Launch Monitor in order to determin which club composition enables you to reach your full potential.  Your swing variables we analyze and meaure consist of:

  • Club-head Speed
  • Ball Speed
  • Spin
  • Launch Angle
  • Smash Factor

The composition of a club is broken up into 11 specifications which all play a role in how the club performs with your swing.  These club variables include:

  • Shaft Weight
  • Kick-Point
  • Club-head Design
  • Grip Size/Weight
  • Grip Style

Once we dial in these 11 specs to your personal golf swing, you'll hit longer, straighter shots and you'll finally get the most out of your swing! Precise measurement of a golfer’s swing and tendencies to determine proper set make-up, combined with proper clubmaking techniques are used to build the ultimate set of golf clubs.  We can perform fittings for every club in your bag customized to your personal swing and needs. Our fittings are about finding equipment that works with your swing, and not against it.

  • Length
  • Lie
  • Loft
  • Swing Weight/MOI
  • Frequency (CPM)
  • Overall Weight

  • Carry Distance
  • Face Angle
  • Angle of Attack
  • Swing Path